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Home Boarding for the Dog You Love since 1998
You travel and want to enjoy yourselves, free from worry about your beloved dog's well-being and happiness. You want your dog to spend most of his/her day with attentive human company and some dog friends. Welcome to Canine Campovers. 
At Canine Campovers your dog comes to stay as a family member in the loving, licensed home of one of OUR Dog Sitters. You'll make a Meet-n-Greet visit to your Sitter with your dog at the of reservation to be sure everyone is feels good and that you get all your questions answered.
Our Sitters are exceptional Doglovers. Our screening includes behavioral interviews, background checks, extensive personal, veterinary and professional references as well as ongoing visits ourselves, so we have personal relationships with our Sitters. We screen for love and compassion, integrity, attention to detail, a positive orientation to working with behavior, dog savvy, common sense and longevity. Our Sitters are mature adults who are home most of the day, with no small children. Each of our homes has a safely fenced yard for playtime and each dog feasts privately on their own food, separated just for meal hours. Boarding doesn’t get any more personal than this.

We will never have a Sitter with whom the business owner wouldn't leave her own beloved four-legged friend while traveling.

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You and your dog make a Meet-n-Greet visit to the home of your Sitter at the time of reservations. You get to have a personal relationship of trust and longevity, making for guilt-free vacations and business trips, during which you can receive updates and often pictures of your dog at Camp. 

We are a wonderful match if your dog is....

* Well-socialized, non-destructive and non-aggressive with other dogs and people
* Continent of bowels and bladder
* Spayed or neutered and up to date on basic vaccinations (rabies and the distemper combo)
* Able to bond to loving people and settle down in a home environment without excessive barking or indoor marking
We do accept titers (conclusive lab work) for immunity in lieu of vaccinations. This can take several weeks for results, so please plan ahead.
We can accommodate some special needs in our homes, including administering insulin. Call us to discuss your dog's specific needs.

Each Sitter cares for one to three dogs at a time, IN their home as one of their own, making an exceptional level of TLC possible. 
We have been state-licensed and fully insured, boarding the most beloved of Front Range four-legged family members since 1998.

For reasons of safety, happiness and the integrity of our homes we cannot board dogs with serious bullying behaviors, a history of marking indoors or incontinence of bowels or bladder. Nor can we board dogs who are true escape artists or habitual barkers.
We do not have breed exclusions, so each dog is evaluated based on her or his own merits. We will always err on the side of safety for all concerned.

Rates are as follows, and all dogs enjoy daily walks. There are no extra or surprise fees.

$40/day for most dogs, including simple meds or supplements
$45/day for puppies until their first birthday and special-needs dogs or dogs with complex food or medication protocols. 
10% discount for multiple dogs from one home

Each dog must be available for a Meet-n-Greet visit at the time of reservation, to be sure everyone is happy with our match.  We cannot make long-distance reservations.

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We are locally owned and operated by Cheri Hoffer. Feel free to call and get to know us more personally. 


Canine Campovers, LLC
** State-licensed and insured since 1998 **
Phone calls welcome 8am to 9pm daily, Mountain Time

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