"Doggie Discussions" is a series of discussion panels for doglovers, hosted and sponsored by Canine Campovers and held in Broomfield, Colorado. These panels are free to the public AND your donations keep them going. We're expecting to resume panels in spring or summer of 2013. Let us know you want notification of future panels and leave your feedback on our Facebook page at Doggie Discussions.

6pm on JULY 23rd!!! Our next panel is Canine Capers: Sports for You and Your Dog at CRCG in Broomfield, CO.
These panels are non-profit events with all donations after expenses going to canine rescue groups.
Mark your calendars and PLEASE share this page or our Facebook page with others. 


Join us for an enthusiastic evening of learning about dog sports of all kinds that you can engage in here on the Front Range. Go home with an idea of which sport/s would fit best for you and your dog and with resources for visiting clubs and training groups in your area.

The evening is FREE and donations are encouraged.

Meet cool, new dog-loving friends of all ages. Join a club for your sport and take it to a competitive level or just have fun practicing on weekends. Flyball, Agility, Treibball, Dock Diving, Schutzhund, Disc Dogs(frisbee), Lure Coursing for sighthounds and more. Enthusiastic representatives of all these sports will make up our July panel on Monday the 23rd.

The joy that you will share with your dog through this kind of mental and physical stimulation will make for a happier, healthier canine and a better bond between the two (or more) of you. So many dogs are hungry for a job, bored to tears and many behavioral issues stem from this boredom.

Is this for you? Dog sports are for the super active, for bored couch potatoes and the natural competitor; they're for kids, for singles and couples, for those who use a cane or a wheelchair, for the young and for the old, for first-time dog moms and dads as well as lifelong dog owners.

Come check out the CANINE REHAB AND RECREATIONAL SWIMMING POOL before the event. For $10 each, up to eight people can RSVP for a private session from 5-6 pm in the pool with their dogs. For this, call CRCG directly at (720) 407-8680. If you stay for the sports panel after a pool session your dog must be able to sit quietly with those other after-pool users in the room. Please, no other dogs for this informational evening.
These are Monday evening ongoing canine conversations of all sorts. Let us know if you want to be on our mailing list.

For more information, call Cheri Hoffer at 303-998-1111.
Address of the event:
CRCG Broomfield
8855 W. 116th Circle
Broomfield, CO 80021 See below for a map.


July 23rd we're having Dianna Stearns, President of the American Treiball Association as well as representatives of flyball, schutzhund training, dock diving(water), disc dogs, agility and lure coursing come present their sports and light up your world with your dog. In case you think this is all JUST entertainment, these games and disciplines also instill confidence in shy dogs, give working dogs jobs that they were born for and grow the bond between you and your dog. Wait until you hear some first hand stories!

Check out this sport for dogs who want jobs. Many more links and groups will be posted in coming days.

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Our last panel (see below)

"Complementary Care for Canines"

MONDAY, JUNE 11TH, 2012  

The first evening of "Doggie Discussions" will be held in the bright and spacious Broomfield CRCG (

The Monday, June 11 panel discussion consists of:

* Turie Norman, DVM: Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, chiropractic and some western medicine

* Russell Louie: Holistic Scientist with Optimum Choices

* Mary Kennedy: Canine Massage

* Kristyn Richardson, DVM: Rehab and Conditioning Vet

Location: Just south of Hwy 36 and just west of Wadsworth. Click here for a map. 
CRCG Broomfield
8855 W. 116th Circle
Broomfield, CO 80021

Entry is by doglover-donation$$.  All donations beyond our expenses will go to animal rescue groups.

5 to 6pm      Prepaid, reserved swims for up to eight dogs, with personal introductions to the facility by the owner, Lori Beuerle. Contact CRCG directly ONLY for this at (720) 407-8680.

6 to 630pm  Human Meet-n-Greet. We're discouraging butt-sniffing for this Meet-n-Greet but it's otherwise a great place to make new doglover friends and learn from others.

630 to 830pm  Panel Discussion with Q & A. This will be recorded.

Call Cheri Hoffer at 303-998-1111 or email dogs (at) CanineCampovers (dot) com for more information and to get on our mailing list. We do not send much mail and we never share our list. Please do not contact CRCG with questions, except to talk with Lori about attending the RSVP-only swims before the event. IF you reserve with CRCG and bring your dog for the introductory swim and intend to stay for the panel, your dog must be able to sit quiety for the evening without disrupting the conversation or the recording, even with a few other dogs in the room. No dogs in cars at this time of year. Much as we love our dogs, this is an educational environment where we need to be able to concentrate on the information. Thank you.

We're on Facebook as www.Facebook.com/DoggieDiscussions. Please LIKE us there.





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