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Canine Campovers, LLC  has been state-licensed and insured since 1998, boarding carefully-screened dogs as our family members while their humans travel. We're currently seeking to hire several new high-integrity dog Sitters with professional care standards who are likely to be with us for years. Retired-and-active as well as and work-at-home doglovers are encouraged to apply.Read through this list, thinking of how carefully you'd want us to screen the Sitter with whom your own dog would be staying if you became our client. 

Are the following statements true about you and your home? If so, we've got a good start and will welcome your inquiry on our Becoming a Dog Sitter page.

  • You are a dedicated doglover who understands behavior, in a stable household of doglovers.
  • You enjoy walking and are able to safely walk dogs at all times of year.
  • You have no small children at home and no rotating housemates. ALL members of the household must be involved.
  • You’re at home much of the day, living in the greater Boulder/Denver/Fort Collins area.
  • You are safety and detail-oriented and it shows.
  • You have the time, willingness and physical ability to play with and walk the one or two dogs you care for at a time.
  • You're oriented to positive behavioral reinforcement already and can set boundaries.
  • All pets of your own are long-term household members. Sorry--for safety, no foster dogs.
  • Your pets are all well-socialized with people and other dogs, spayed or neuteredand are kept up on basic vaccinations.
  • If you have a cat, s/he is dog-friendly and litter boxes are in places no dog can reach.
  • There is no free-feeding of your own dogs or you are willing to change that, and always separate dogs for meals behind gates or doors.
  • Water bowls need to be stand-alone, with no bottle-fed bowls in use in the house.
  • You are willing to keep your home free of rawhide chews, which can cause lethal choking and intestinal blockages.
  • You like people.This really matters, as you are trusted face of Canine Campovers for the clients who board with you.
  • You can provide exceptional personal and work references as well as references from your own pets' veterinarian. 
  • You'll sail through a background check, for the added comfort of our clients.
  • You enjoy learning and are open to feedback as a pet care professional.

                                          ALSO, REGARDING. YOUR HOUSEHOLD AND PROPERTY :

  • You own your home or can get the landlord's written blessing to board one or two dogs.
  • Your household is entirely non-smoking indoors. 
  • Your home is well-kept and located in a well-kept neighborhood.
  • You have a strongly-fenced yard with a minimum height of 4' at every poin, or you are willing to raise it.
  • Gates and door latches are secure or you are willing to upgrade them so they can't be opened by smart dogs.
  • Lawn care in doggie areas is or will become organic, including no weed-n-feed/herbicides/pesticides in dog areas. 
  • There are no chemical sanitizing inserts in your toilets or you are willing to permanently remove them.
  • Kitchen and bathroom trash cans have step-lids or are behind baby-latched doors.  
  • Drawers and cabinets below counters containing food, toiletries or cleaning products will have baby latches on them for safety, a cheap and easy fix.
  • You have reasonable neighbors and no history of complaints to Animal Control or police. 
  • You have voice mail or call waiting on your phone.
  • You have a computer with email, a printer and scanner or e-fax for legal size docs and the skills to use them.
  • You can receive calls while connected to the Internet, so clients never get a busy signal
  • You can realistically see yourself enjoying this for a long time and enjoying the relationships with steady clients.               

We would love to talk further with you if the above criteria all fit or you are willing to make necessary changes.

1) Read through our web site so we can have an informed conversation.

2) Use this link to submit an inquiry about home-boarding our dogs

We are offering our clients long-term peace of mind that their beloved dogs are having fun

and receiving plenty of TLC with Sitters who also take their responsibilities seriously.

       Refer a friend, family member or neighbor as a Dog Sitter

                         and earn a $200 referral bonus.

Simply email a link for our website to your potential Sitter referrals. Contact us for the details first.

Thank-you, Cheri Hoffer

Chief Doglover at Canine Campovers

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