I Might Be Your Ideal New Dog Sitter

At Canine Campovers we board our clients' beloved dogs as family members in OUR professional sitters' homes while their humans travel.  We cover the Denver/Boulder/Fort Collins metro area of Colorado. Each sitter establishes his or her own criteria for what dogs will be enjoyable matches for their home. Each of our sitters cares for one or two dogs at a time.

Our sitters are doglovers who work at home or are active retirees with fenced yards, well-socialized-if-any pets of their own and lifelong learning habits, positive reinforcement skills, no small children or smoking in the house, who are good communicators with outstanding references. Please be patient here and imagine yourself boarding your beloved dog with us. How thorough do you want us to have been, in this event? Our assessment of your attention to detail begins with this inquiry.

***Due to a high volume of frivolous inquiries, only fully-completed forms will receive replies. ***




*Email address

*Town or City

*Phone Numbers

What is your canine care experience?

*How long have you lived at this address and do you own or rent your home?

*How did you learn of Canine Campovers?

*What are your reasons for wanting to work with Canine Campovers? Please be as frank as you want us to be with you.

*How much work are you seeking OUTSIDE of your home, if applicable?

*With what bipeds (humans!) do you share your home?

*Have you spoken to all your household members yet about the possibility of bringing boarding dogs into your home?

*Will every adult member of your household be fine with a national background check?

*What furry, finned or feathered friends reside in your home?

*Is every pet in your household spayed or neutered and up to date on vaccinations?

*How much are you home during the day each day?

*Well-fenced yards are a necessity. What type and height of fence, as well as what size of a yard do you have?

*Does anyone smoke in your home?

*How do you feel about and what is your physical ability to walk dogs daily in all seasons?

*How familiar have you become with our website and way of boarding dogs before making this inquiry? Our expectation is that you'll be prepared for an informed conversation once we receive your inquiry.

*Have fun with this one, please. What else would you like for us to know about you and your household?

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